Do I Need to Know How to Draw to go to a Fashion School or to be a Fashion Designer?

Do I Need to Know How to Draw to go to a Fashion School or to be a Fashion Designer

Fashion design competitions shows have increased interest in the fashion industry and prompted people of all ages to try their hand at fashion design.  While many fashion designers can stretch as well as any artists, there are many interested in the industry that can't seem to draw a straight line.  If you are artistically challenged, yet interested in design, you may want to know do I need to know how to draw to go to a fashion school or to be a fashion designer?

To Draw or Not to Draw
There are many people who advice would be fashion designers that they need to develop their drawing skills.  While they are not insisting that students draw as well as Leonardo da Vinci, or even Picasso, fashion designers should be able to sketch* the clothes they want to make.  Students should be able to sketch the human body and do so in proportion so that they can properly design their clothing.

Even though many designers use computers to render their drawings, knowing how to draw using pencil and paper is important.  Most designers have a sketchbook that they use to sketch ideas or to get their ideas down on paper before switching over to a computer.  Computers are great for making their ideas come alive, but a sketchbook is much less expensive and it can be used anywhere at anytime.

When you are in front of a client, or even a boss, you may need to be able to take the ideas that you are discussing with them and put them do on paper to better visualize the ideas.  If you don't know how to draw, it can be difficult to communicate ideas* to others and it can also be embarrassing for you. 

Learning How to Draw
While you don't need to go to art school to learn how to draw, practice does make perfect.  You can purchase some fashion illustration books and study them as you are teaching yourself how to draw.  You may also consider taking a beginner's class in drawing at a local community college or an art studio that teaches art classes.  Some art classes are specific and you may be able to find one that concentrates on human anatomy.  The short answer to the question do I need to know how to draw to go a fashion school or to be a fashion designer would be yes for many people.

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