Fashion Merchandising Careers

Fashion Merchandising Careers

Every since you were five years old you have been mixing and matching clothes. You chose your siblings clothes because you wanted to make sure they were color coordinated and looked good. Heaven forbid they are out with you and they didn’t match. You were the “Tim Gunn” of children knowing all about fashion and how things should be done. Welcome to the Adult World of Fashion because the career choices in fashion merchandising are exciting. You must love a career that provides you with a variety of options where you can’t burn out doing what you love.

Types of Fashion Merchandising Careers
You may like the glamour of a fashion buyer. This person selects and purchase clothing from designers, manufacturers or the wholesalers on behalf of a retailer. Make sure you are the one who loves to travel because you will be doing a lot of it in this position traveling to cities, runway shows and spending the corporate dime. You may feel as if the weight of the company is on your shoulders because the company’s sales revenue will be your responsibility. You must have a keen eye of fashion and what the trend will be since you will be choosing what the customers will not be able to live without. You will also ensure the merchandise is sold at a price that fits the consumers’ budget. 

There is also a fashion merchandiser which you may find to be a lot of fun since you dressed up your siblings as if they were your personal mannequins. In this position you are literally responsible for displaying merchandise. You create a display that speaks to the customer and makes them say “I can see myself wearing that and I must have it”. It’s a form of selling just from the visual perspective. Think about people who love to window shop, now is your chance to impress them and get them in the store because your display is speaking so loudly.

Lastly there is the fashion event coordinator. You’ve always liked planning events and being on top of all the details. Here is your chance to combine two things you love fashion and event planning. In this position, organization is going to be essential and it wouldn’t help to have a network of people who can help you pull off these trunk shows, fashion shows or other promotional events that will bring people into the store. Your overall goal is to increase sales and make people aware of what the store has to offer.

The world of fashion merchandising can be a very rewarding career no matter if you are a buyer or even event coordinator.  Let your creative juices flow and create a picture that people will want to see themselves as the “Star”.

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