Fashion Related Jobs

Fashion Related Jobs

Whether you are a beginner or you have been in the industry for a while, fashion related jobs are not few and far in between. This is an industry that will not ever go away because there are television shows, runway shows and even retail stores that will always need people who know what the trends are, what will sell and how to relate to people. Are you curious about what the fashion related jobs are? Prepare to make some notes.

For the entry level person, it may be a position in a retail store doing fashion merchandising. You would be the person who is setting up displays whether it is furniture or clothing. You would mix and match clothes or linens in such a way that it appeals to the person who is in that section looking for something specific. You must have a keen eye to be in fashion merchandising so that everything you do creates a visual picture in the mind of the buyer. You need that person to see themselves in the clothes or with that furniture in their house. Get ready to dress up the mannequins.

You could also end up as a designer*. Are you the one who used to scribble on notepads a pair of pants and a shirt or you sketched out a dress? You never loss your love for designing clothes and now, the opportunity is presenting itself to you on a larger scale. You will need to get your design to the market and it may take some time. Believe in yourself and keep on pursuing your dreams.

Are you the shopper who is entering into the fashion industry? Now is your chance to combine something you love which is shopping and your fashion side and become a buyer*. You want immediately become a buyer for a store; however you can work your way up to it. Study the field, talk to the person where you will be working and find out the process for becoming a buyer. Doing your homework will carry you a long way in this field.

You are in the fashion industry but don’t want to be on the front lines. If you are also a writer, consider becoming a fashion journalist*. Everyone wants to know the good and the bad about the industry. You could even be invited to runway shows if you have made a brand and name for yourself as a top fashion journalist.

Fashion is one of those fields that opens up windows of opportunities. Good luck in finding yours.

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