How to Get Started In Fashion Design

How to Get Started In Fashion Design

Many people have dreams, but few ever truly act on them.  If there is something you love, like fashion and fashion design, then why not give it your all and try to break into the business?  Fashion in particular is littered with stories of people who had nothing but a love and determination who would then go on to make millions from their design.

It is one thing to have a dream, it is another to know what to do.  Though the process is different for each person, there are a few things you should know if you are considering how to start in the fashion industry.  Lets take a look at what goes into becoming successful in this competitive field.

1.  The Starting Point, Skill And Love
Every person who has become famous in fashion have these two qualities.  They are the only things that tie everyone in the industry together.  Before pursing a career as a fashion designer, make sure it is what you love to do.  Like all work, there will be days where working towards your future will be difficult.  Having true dedication will ensure you stay on track, even when everything seems grim.  The reverse of love is skill.  Whether it comes natural or you work at it, being a skilled fashion designer means knowing not only how to make cloths, but also about the human form, aesthetics, fabrics, and the history of design.*1

If you have Skill and Love, then you may be ready to jump in!  However, if you want more skill, then taking classes or pursing an education is your first and most important step.  A proper fashion design education will teach you everything you need to know.  In addition, many colleges have connections with the wider fashion world, making internships and a later job possible.*1 

2.  Beginning Your Business
At the center of many fashion designers is the establishment of a brand.  There are all sorts of legal hurtles that have to be gone through to protect your intellectual property and the things you create.  That is why having some knowledge of how businesses work will make starting your brand easier.*2 

In addition, it is important to identify and target your ideal audience.  Think big, and remember to ramp up sales to draw greater interest in your line.  Keep being innovative, and with some success, you will break through as a hit designer brand maker.*2

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