Is Fashion Design A Good Career?

Is Fashion Design A Good Career

Plaids, pastel, solids and even prints are words that really get your creative side flowing. You are the one who has an eye and a heart for everything fashion. You are person that is watching every red carpet event and sizing up every outfit to include purses, shoes and even tuxedos. If there is anything out of place, you can’t wait to blog about it before the night is over.

Would fashion design be a good career? Just like any career there’s always advantages and disadvantages. However, because you are already drawn to fashion, let’s share what the pros and cons are which will help you make your own decision.

Pros of a Fashion Design Career
One of the biggest pros is if you don’t want to work for a firm, there is a huge amount of flexibility and you could be on your own. You could also work in an apparel store instead so you get the exposure you need. Another benefit you will like even before getting started is the income potential is really high.* Do you know someone who wouldn’t want to go into a career field where you can make money and have the flexibility to choose your own platform? Lastly you could increase your frequent flyer miles in the career due to the number of fashion shows you would need to attend and also if you have to meet with different suppliers.

Cons of a Fashion Design Career
It is projected there will be low employment growth*. That should give any person entering into the field a cause for concern. With low growth, you can believe it is some stiff competition out there for the jobs which do exist.* Just like other positions when you are a freelancer, you may not have consistent work. Therefore before you strike out as a freelancer, make sure you have planned ahead.

Being a fashion designer can be a glamorous position and you could literally fill your drive for fashion. It is always important to do your research before entering into a career so you know the life of your career. Not only should you talk with people in the industry, you should also read trade magazines and find out if there is a local association where you could go and speak with someone about the industry. You do your homework before entering and also as you continue working within the field.

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