Should I Work in Fashion?

Should I Work in Fashion

Every season when Project Runway starts, you say to yourself I could see myself on that show. You believe the world of fashion is calling your name; yet you haven’t taken the plunge. Sure you like fashion and have often dreamed about going to mood yet no one in your immediate circle is in fashion. This has left you with some questions. Should you work in fashion? Will it be all that it appears when you are looking at shows like Project Runway or even Under the Gunn?

Behind the Scenes Tips about Fashion
We’ve all heard network*, network and network some more. Well this is especially true even in this industry. It is not necessarily what you know, but who you know that may very well be the person to open the first door and give you a chance in the fashion industry. Regardless of where you are in this process begin networking. If you are in college and preparing for your internship, start your internship with the idea of learning all you can from your supervisor and also knowing you need to make some good connections.

Treat everyone the way you want to be treated. It doesn’t matter what their job is be nice to them. You never know who a person knows. George, the mailman could very well be best friends with the owner of Mood and put in a word about you and your level of professionalism.

This industry has many doors of opportunity. Fashion just doesn’t mean working on fashion shows or even setting up fashion displays. You may find yourself *being a stylist, contributing as a guest writer to national fashion magazines or even a publicist. The experience you receive from the different areas will make you a well rounded person with a great deal of expertise.

Two words... Thank You* goes along way in a professional setting as well as in personal matters. Be sure to send out thank you notes to people in this profession. Everyone likes to be appreciated even though it seems very few people send out thank you’s in the mail anymore. This will make people remember you.

Fashion does have a lot of glitz and glamour. Know that it is big business and deserves respect. Don’t think it is all play time. There are times when you will be under heavy deadlines and other times it will be more relaxed. Let your passion drive you and don’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoy the experience that it can be.

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