What Do Fashion Designers Do?

What do fashion designers do may not be what you think they do. Designing fashion seems to be very glamorous and for some people it is but for the “real” designers at most fashion houses that do the grunt work it is not as glamorous as one would think.

Big designers like Chanel, Yves St Laurent, Dolce and Gabana  and other big design houses have teams of fashion designers that come together to create the fashion trends that you see on the catwalk. Ralph Lauren, Coach, Louie Vutton and so many other big names are a team of designers that are working tirelessly to get next biggest trend out the door.

Most fashion designers end up working for one of the big brands.


Starting With the Basics

The only place to start is the beginning when you are asking what do fashion designers do. Most all designers have spent sometime in a formal education setting. They get their degree or certificate and than they move on to the intern phase.

When a fashion designer is interning they are getting the real world education that will help them to become the best possible designer. They may not see a sketch pad for a while.


Upward and Onward

Once the intern time is complete a new fashion designer will become part of a team. As a team member they will participate in all sorts of activities like sketching, material choices, creating prototypes. 


In Some Cases

Sometimes a new fashion designer will venture out on their own to give it a try. Sometimes they can become very successful if the “right” people wear their clothes. It is a very competitive industry and it can be tough trying to compete with big well known established design houses.

Unfortunately some of the most talented fashion designers never get noticed unless they work in one of the well known design brands.  It is also a lot more work when you are out on your own or you work for one of the lesser known designers 

It is surprising to find that what do fashion designers do includes overseeing the process from beginning to end and in some cases sewing their own creations by hand.


Succeeding in this dog eat dog industry can mean having to eat crow and take orders from other people for awhile. Networking seems to be one of the key elements of a designers success. With the right talent AND the right connections it can be a very glamorous industry.

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