Fashion Designer Educational Requirements

Fashion Designer Educational Requirements

So, you have decided to take up fashion designing as a career? Well, fashion designing can be termed as the capability to design and make garments customized according to the latest trend and demands of the people*. A good fashion designer may be able to convince his/her customers to wear their designs based on their visualizations. The designs are explained to the customers with the help of drawing and the sketches. A fashion designer needs to have an exceptional eye for detail, creativity, the ability to visualize, technical know-how and needs to be aware of the latest fashion trend. However, these qualities are important but are not the only requirements since you may require a college degree for some positions in the industry.

The basic step is to find out if you require a fashion degree to qualify, and if yes, then which degree. Some companies may hire you immediately after seeing your creative work and talent, whereas other companies require a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree. There are various types of courses which you can take up depending upon your requirement, time to finish the course and the money you are ready to pay. The associate’s degree program in fashion designing may require you to take lessons in art history, garment construction, computers, drawing, fine arts, the basic of fashion designing, math, pattern making, French draping, the knowledge of textiles, etc.*

Whereas the Bachelor’s degree program may need you to take up courses in advanced garment construction, advanced pattern making, ethnic designing, basics in 2D and 3D designing, vital concepts of fashion design, production and organizing of fashion shows, etc.**

A Master’s degree program in fashion design will need you to take up courses in advances fashion technology, textile design, creating of a portfolio, product management, marketing of the fashion designs, etc. A Master’s degree in fashion designing may also give you the opportunity to submit your creations to fashion contests***.

Fashion designing is prospering profession. It not only requires designing clothes but an array of other professions such as accessory designing, jewelry designing, fashion marketing, personal stylist, technical designer, fashion journalism, fashion photographer and many more. There is a tough competition in the industry for well-trained fashion designers. As per the industry norms, fashion designers can earn up to $1235 in a week.

Fashion designing demands the ability draw sketches of designs, create styles and patterns and requires a constant update on the latest trends and styles in the fashion industry. A good fashion designer is the one which has a strong educational background in fashion designing.



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