Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM)


The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandisingm, also known as FIDM, is a reputed college that offers a variety of courses in fashion design, graphic design, interior design and entertainment. If you wish to become a successful fashion designer, you may want to become part of this institute and learn about the fashion world and its trends. Completing your fashion designing degree from this well known fashion institute may prove beneficial for your career, and establish you as one of the top designers.


There are four campuses of FIDM located in California. They include Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco. Being  part of such institutes may be a dream come true for the students who want to move ahead in this field and want to do something in the fashion industry. In order to seek admission, you will first have to apply for the desired course with your SAT and/or ACT scores in tow. You can take the help of the admission advisors who will guide you with the complete information about the admission procedure and how to move ahead. You also need letters of recommendation from credible sources, as well as an admission essay and portfolio project*.

Fashion degrees offered

In total, FIDM offers around 22 programs in the field of fashion. Apart from fashion design, you can take up specialized courses that include jewelry design, costume design, textile design, menswear design and several more. The courses are also distributed as per the majors that include apparel business owner, creative director, account executive, stylist, costume designer and trend analyst**. So as per your requirements, you can choose any of the profiles and seek admission according to the eligibility criteria. Once you are done with your fashion degree, you may receive opportunities for careers, or you can also go for the advanced level courses which may enhance your knowledge.

Academic facilities

The atmosphere of the college is lively, and you may have the opportunity to meet the creative people who teach and attend. As fashion designing is about ideas and innovation, therefore practical knowledge is most important. That is why the college has made adequate arrangements of labs so that the students can learn a lot. Within the campus, there is a beautiful museum exhibiting around 15,000 objects which are nearly 200 years old**. Explore the collection which gives you a glimpse of the fashion trends existing in previous eras.


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