How to Become A Personal Stylist

How to Become A Personal Stylist

There is a trick to being happy, which most people ignore.  However, it is really simple.  If you want to be happy, then make your hobby your career.  Make every day about following what you love to do.  If you can share it with the world, then even better.  For some, becoming a personal stylist is a way to fulfill the dream of making a hobby a job.

However, being a successful personal stylist is not easy.  It requires that you are very aware of fashion, have knowledge about what outfits work with what body types in certain situations, and know how to make other people look exceptional.  If this is for you, then your next question is probably how to become a personal stylist.  Below is a short guide to how to enter the profession and happily live your life with a job you love.*1

1.  Education
Many people who want to become personal stylists have been obsessed with fashion their entire lives.  When combining this working knowledge with a college degree, particularly one from a fashion institute.  In addition, many people have broken into the profession by working as an assistant or intern for one of the many design houses and companies out there. 

2.  Practice
It is true what they say, practice makes perfect.  If you have a bunch of friends or family, then you have a great number of people to practice with.  Research what they need for their day, take pictures beforehand, and help them create an outfit and look that works for them.  By doing this, you get a sense for all the different kinds of personalities out there, and how to best work with people.  By completing the project with after pictures, you now have the beginning of a portfolio.  *1  As a final note, a big part of this business is knowing how to give people constructive criticism.  Remember to always provide compliments when giving criticism, and be sure that whomever you are helping knows that you are on their side.

3.  Market Yourself
With practice and education comes experience that you can use towards helping everyone be more fashionable!  Create a website that lists your abilities and experience.  Showcase the people you have already helped.  Regardless of the fact that they may be friends or family, your ability to improve someone’s appearance through your personal stylist abilities will come through.*1 

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