An Introduction to Pattern Drafting

An Introduction to Pattern Drafting

Pattern drafting is an important technique followed by designers and stylists when designing an outfit. Before patterns are traced onto fabric, a similar sketch is prepared on paper.* This process is called pattern drafting and it generally requires a lot of focus and expertise. Drafting is typically combined with pattern making, which helps give designers an idea of how the final look will turn out. Several experienced designers and sewers depend on the implementation of this technique to ensure the perfect garment.  In general, pattern drafting is a highly specialized technique, therefore the knowledge gained from learning it may refine and add to your skills as a designer.

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a fashion designer, perhaps you may want to become familiar with pattern drafting. There are several colleges and universities that offer courses in this technique. These courses provide basic information about drafting and how to properly implement it.

Pattern drafting techniques vary among different designers; however, there are basic and proper techniques to learn first as a beginner. In general, the first step of drafting is to create a sketch using the body measurements of your model. After, the entire garment is typically broken down into several sections so that it becomes easy to draft the design according to the requirements. Several designers use a block option to create the perfect pattern.** A block option technique includes a design that uses straight lines so the desired shape is given for a refined look. This approach is generally easy for beginners. Grading is typically the next step of pattern drafting through which the template is transferred onto the paper. When producing pieces in large quantities, changes are made to the paper patterns according to the design. A few tools used in pattern drafting include a flexible curve, French curve, fashion tool kit, fashion scale and dressmakers square. 

In today’s society, pattern drafting has generally become a common step in fashion design. Properly implementing pattern drafting techniques typically make the best final products. With an abundance of technology, pattern drafting may seem effortless and more convenient.***


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