Jobs with a Fashion Degree

Jobs with a Fashion Degree

Within the fashion industry, there are many hats which are worn by many different people. The job opportunities for those with a degree in fashion may be vast, depending on what your path and passion may be. Different schools offer different programs, some being very well-known all over the world. Depending on where you decide to pursue your degree and in what specific area, you may be able to find the job that best suits you and your goals. Here are just a few of the many careers you may be able to obtain with a fashion degree.

Fashion Merchandising

It is where the business and fashion interact. The fashion designers will need their merchandisers to sell in the market. Fashion merchandisers monitor and track the fashion and consumer trends, create store displays, attend fashion shows, and help fashion designers to market their products*. In fashion merchandising, there are several career options, like retail management, sales and marketing etc. An individual can gain first-hand knowledge of fashion marketing strategies, multitude of brands, and so on.

To achieve a degree in fashion, there are several fashion schools that are offering fashion merchandise course. The fashion schools like the Fashion Institute of Technology, University of Cincinnati – Ohio, Pratt Fashion School of New York, Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising of Los Angles, and School of Art Institute of Chicago – Chicago may be some of the best schools for this program. However, there are several other schools which offer courses in Fashion Merchandising that may be a good fit for you.

Fashion Journalist

Love to read and write about fashion? This career may be for you.  There is no scarcity of what is happening in the fashion world and the latest trend and so on in this industry. Hence, you would enjoy writing for this industry. Fashion magazines are expanding, moreover there is a substantial rise in their online presence, therefore more and more bloggers are hired. Fashion Journalists typically pair up with photographers to gain a greater audience, with possible opportunities to work with celebrities and known models. They may report on pop culture events and write about high-profile designers**.

The best fashion schools that are offering courses in fashion media and journalism allow students to hone in their skills are writers and reporters. Students may have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and showcase their work to reputable figures in the fashion industry. A very competitive field, Fashion Journalism is a career for those who truly aspire to be great journalists and feel they have what it takes to succeed.

Visual Styling/Presentation

It is certainly a profession that is on the rising terms of the visibility. To have a degree in this will surely be beneficial in understanding the techniques, and business. Networking and internship may be perhaps the most significant in styling than any other profession. Visual Stylists are charged with creating merchandise displays, using their keen eye for fashion to make the best display possible. They are also tasked with creating enjoyable shopping experiences for their customers, relying on their best judgment in the process***.

There are specialty degrees offered at art and fashion school precisely for this course. Some employers require a Bachelor’s degree as well as a couple years of experience. So, it may be a good idea to get your degree and earn an internship in the field so you have the opportunity to get a career is visual styling upon completion.

Public Relations

Public Relations (PR) is the middle man between a consumer and a retailer. The PR job is to keep tabs on the brand image and making sure that people are noticing it. The job involves creating positive relations between business and consumer****. A friendly and a charming personality may be valuable in this profession, as well as the appropriate education to get your foot in the door.

Fashion schools like Fashion Institute of Technology- New York, Kent University, Academy of Art University – San Francisco, and Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising- Los Angeles Technology are some of the best universities that provide education in this field. If these schools are not right for you, there are several other schools which may be available in your area or online.


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