Online Fashion Schools

Online Fashion Schools

Fashion design is an exciting professional career that many people wish to pursue but don't know exactly how to get started. While the runways of New York City and Paris seem almost like another world entirely, the truth is that several of the designers making clothing for the models featured at the top shows began their careers as humble students at fashion schools around the world. So the best avenue for breaking into the industry may be to start with a good education. Fortunately, online fashion schools have made the study of fashion more accessible to everyone, regardless of their location. So students no longer have to travel to large cities in order to gain access to the best teachers and educational programs. 

Here are some of the top schools that offer degrees online:

The University for Creative Careers

Located in Atlanta and Hong Kong, this university allows for students to gain an in-depth understanding of the fashion industry through majors such as accessory design, fashion marketing, and luxury management, as well as a one-of-a-kind mentorship program that guarantees all students the chance to work with industry professionals who make their living creating the newest trends in fashion[i].

The Academy of Art University

This school offers online associate and bachelor's in fine art degrees with areas of concentration available in fashion design, knitwear design, merchandising, and even fashion journalism. The program of study has been developed to allow students to more easily master the basic concepts of fashion design as well as to build their own portfolio over time which can be used to gain employment in the industry upon graduation. The associate's degrees can be completed in two years, while the bachelor's degrees require four years of study to finish[ii].

State University of New York

This university offers an online two year program in fashion merchandising management that leads to an associate's degree. Areas of study include product development, marketing, and sales. It is a great way for motivated students to break into the financial industry by pursuing a degree program on their own schedule[iii].

Now more than ever before, having a proper education in fashion design is key to earning a position of employment within the field. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, no growth is to be expected within the field in the next ten years. Because of this, competition for the limited spaces in the industry will be substantial. Only those who show the best talent as well as the greatest motivation will be chosen for the spots. By pursuing an education within the field, students show a genuine interest in learning everything that is required in order to become a successful fashion industry worker[iv]


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