Parsons School of Fashion

Parsons School of Fashion

Strategically located at the center of the New York City garment district, the School of Fashion is reputed to be one of the oldest at Parsons, and it ranks as one of the world’s premier fashion schools. Called a “fashion design powerhouse” by*. The School of Fashion has graduated “tons” of marquee name fashion designers, most notably during the last decade.

Fashion Degree Programs**

The Parsons School of Fashion is well known for its strong curriculum that emphasizes exceptional design, conceptual visioning, marketing acumen, and technical skills for its graduates. The result is a combination of commercial savvy and aesthetic refinement. The school offers four premier degree programs that prepare students for the rigors of the industry they’ll soon join.

Fashion Design (AAS) – The two year Associates in Applied Science in Fashion Design degree prepares graduating students to be successful in the industry by equipping them with the necessary skills to proceed directly into design positions with some of the top designers. This program is led by some of the most recognized practitioners in the industry who impart their design education excellence onto each student.

Fashion Marketing (AAS) – The two year Associates in Applied Science in Fashion Marketing degree program may fully equip graduating students to function at a high level in the fashion business where they’ll have an impact on evolving our global culture. Successful graduates may be able to conduct research on consumer and design trends so that they can anticipate and manage fashion cycles.

Fashion Design (BFA) – The four year Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design degree program has grown over the years to challenge and react to fashion industry trends and technologies. Innovation is the cornerstone of the program that seeks to develop graduates who can create attractive, sustainable, relevant, and responsible fashion designs.

Fashion Design and Society (MFA) - The Masters Degree of Fashion Design and Society melds the material and intellectual resources together that are necessary to create a single garment that’s socially responsible from inception, distribution, and ultimate disposition via a complex chain of socially responsible and sustainable activities.

Parsons School of Fashion and Design offers over 40 different programs for those students wishing to further their knowledge and work towards a career within the fashion industry. With several options to choose from, prospective students may be able to find the program which best suits them and may prepare them to enter the exciting and challenging world of fashion.

Job Opportunities

In 2010 apparel and fabric patternmakers using computer-aided design (CAD) software to layout pattern pieces received an annual mean income of $44,650 across the labor force of 6,410 job openings for that specialty.

Of the fashion industry occupations, including garment and textile pressers, hand sewers, sewing machine operators, shoe and leather repairers and workers, textile dyeing and bleaching, and machine operators earn a mean annual wage of approximately $30,000 with over 142,860 workers in those specialties.

Fashion designers earned an annual mean wage of $73,930 in 2010, out of a total of 16,010 fashion designers gainfully employed***.


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