Best Fashion Sites

Best Fashion Sites

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Fashion Glossary

Here are a few useful terms and definitions for people interested in fashion.

     1. Accessories

Accessories are pieces of clothing that complement or help complete a fashion look. Examples include scarves, bags, shoes or jewelry.

     2. Advertising Director

An Advertising Director is the person who oversees the advertising operations within a business. He or she primarily works with advertising agencies and media companies in the newspaper or magazine business. Today, advertising also emcompasses ads placed on the web. In the fashion industry, this person would be in charge of advertising the clothing or accessories being sold.

     3. Brand Name

A brand name is the name of the maker or product. An item is considered "brand name" if it is made by a top-of-the line company. Usually, a brand name company is more expensive, and sometimes other companies create cheap knock-offs of its products.

     4. Classic

Classic fashion is a fashion style that has lasted a long time and is likely continue to last or come back again and again. An example of a classic fashion piece is the little black dress (LBD).

     5. Collection

A collection is a group of garments and accessories that have been designed to compliment each other. This group of clothes is generally created and/or presented for a specific season or trend.

     6. Designer

A fashion designer designs garments and accessories. He or she typically anticipates or tries to bring in a certain consumer taste. Professionals in this area work with a wide variety of materials, colors, patterns and styles. 

     7. Design Resource

A design resource refers to anything that gives a designer inspiration for the garments or accessories they are working on.

     8. Fashion Cycle

The fashion cycle is the cycle of a fashion becoming popular, reaching its peak, and eventually meeting its decline. Fashion can be re-cycled when the style comes back into mass acceptance after phasing out for a specific block of time.

     9. Fashion Trends

Fashion trends describe the form of behavior that is collectively popular right now in the world of fashion. Trends generally become popular when the ideas are seen as novel, thus leading to many people adopting it or "catching on" to it.

     10. Knockoff

A knockoff is a copy of a more expensive (and usually extremely expensive or popular) product. They are typically produced to be sold to people who cannot afford the more expensive brand name product.

     11. Showroom

A showroom is a place where manufacturers show off their clothes and product in order to attract buyers.

     12. Stylist

A fashion stylist is an expert in prints, styles, or colors for presentation in a catalog or advertisement. He or she is usually in charge of coordinate different products to create a desired look.