What Is Fashion Merchandising?

What Is Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion designing has been always a top choice for young people when it comes to choosing a career. It is a booming industry that offers many career options such as fashion designing, fashion marketing, fashion merchandising. If you’re interested in fashion, you may be wondering: what is fashion merchandising? Due to merchandising we get to buy trendy, fashionable clothes in the stores.

How One Knows Whether Fashion Merchandising Is The Right Choice?

Think about your fashion style? Do you like to spend your free time and weekends in flea markets picking out the latest and trendiest clothes? Do your friends always want to borrow your clothes and accessories? These are just little snippets in the industry of fashion merchandising and having a keen interest in fashion can get you a career in fashion merchandising.

Let’s get into the detail of what actually Fashion Merchandising is all about

Fashion merchandising comprises of the process that the new fashion piece must go through to be available in the bulk quantities to the consumers after it leaves the hands of the fashion designer. The task involves understanding the market demands and coordination of the production process. A fashion merchandiser will have significant input on the type of fabric used to design the clothing.

Having a strong understanding of the fabrics helps a lot by applying their knowledge about the apparel designing and fabric, the merchandiser will be able to take the designer piece and find the find best way to manufacture and market it.

Pursuing Fashion Merchandising

In order to become a professional fashion merchandiser, the desire and talent for this specialty is not enough. It requires right education and training. Enrolling in the fashion college will give you an opportunity the ins and outs of the fashion industry. Through the practical experience you will be able to build a foundation to work further in this field.

You can opt for a 2 year Associate degree or 4 years of Bachelor of Science in the fashion field. The course programs may include topics like history, culture and sub-cultures, fabric, computer aided designing and sewing. After the completion of the course, the applicant requires undergoing various internship programs. Fashion merchandising students find it useful the learning opportunities that houses major fashion districts like Paris, Milan and New York.

While choosing the fashion merchandising college, ensure to check the credentials of the college/institute, course work, teaching staff etc. The fees would vary from one college to another and so is the course duration.

To sum up, it would be essential to say that the career in fashion merchandising is associated with several diverse fields of the fashion world. However, be considerate in choosing your college because this is where your future profession will be depending on.


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